Weed Control

With Brinel Landscapes Weed Control Services you can enjoy your garden weed free without having to worry about their return. Whether it be weeds in your lawn, pathway or bedded areas, our company has the neccesary skills and equipment to rid you of them.


This service is usually included within our Landscape Maintenance Programmes, but if required we are able to offer this service seperately.


We are also able to provide a 'chemical free' method of weed control.

Why 'Brinel Landscapes' for Weed Control?


If you have weeds appearing through your path, patio, driveway or car park then we can help get rid of them for you and bring your garden / property looking back up to scratch and weed free.


We are able to offer advice on weed prevention during the construction stages of your Landscaping Projects, and if you want - we can provide the construction service for you.


We can help rid your bedded areas / lawns and even your ponds of weeds, plus we can provide advice on how to help prevent these weeds from re-appearing.




If we can be of help, then please